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On Vox: QotD: Can't Resist...

What's one thing you can't say no to?

So I can generally say no to almost anything once in a while but the things I generally say yes to even when I shouldn't are:

  • My nephews (who could deny those adoreable faces)
  • Get togethers (I generally over-commit myself cuz I always feel bad about missing anything)
  • Meetings (ask me to attend a meeting, I'll always be there, regardless of my chaotic schedule)
  • Projects (if no one raises their hand, guess who takes it?)
  • Liquor (I'll never say no to happy hour, I mean never)
  • Dessert (I'll always have at least a bite if you order it)
  • Dancing (give me an opportunity to go dancing and I will always take it)
  • Vacations (I don't always get around to scheduling them myself but invite me and I'll always go)

So it actually looks like drinks and dancing are the ones I actually never say no too, not so bad :)

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