Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

Writer's Block: Technology’s Impact on My Family

How has technology impacted the quality time you spend with your family?

Contrary to what most people would say, I think technology has positively impacted the quality time I spend with my family.  Specifically, it allows me to spend more time connecting with them so while it might not be the best "quality" it more which is always good.

I can see pictures of my nephews on photo sharing sites, hear stories about vacations via email or blogs, and even know average everyday activities through status updates on Facebook.   I don't ever feel like I don't know what's happening with my family and digital technology alongside with cell phones allows me to do that real time. 

Nothing replaces a face to face interaction but technology definitely provides the next best thing!

Tags: family time, intel, intel sponsors of tomorrow, technological impact, writer's block

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