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On Vox: My Trip to D.C.

My friend Noel and I went to visit my friend Tammy and her family in Washington D.C. last weekend.  I posted a few mobile pics before but here are a few others.  We had so much fun.  Here are the highlights.

  1. Tammy's husband works for the government so he got us a tour of the White House and we saw Michelle Obama and Sasha playing with Bo.  Michelle even picked up her own doggy poop!
  2. Tammy, Noel and I sang some bad ass karaoke which included "December 1963"
  3. We got to see all of the memorials which were way bigger and far cooler than I had expected:  Washtington Memorial, WWII Memorial, FDR Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.
  4. Visted the Holocaust Museum which was extremely sad and really intense but really amazing
  5. Had a yummy home-cooked meal made by Miss Tammy (jalapeno chicken, cobb salad and a baked potato)
  6. Became BFFs with Tammy's middle child Maty who insisted on wearing my sunglasses all weekend so she could look like a movie star :)
  7. Spending quality time with Noel and Tammy which I haven't had the opportunity to do for a very long time.  I miss you girls already!





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