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On Vox: QotD: Going Greener

How could you better “green” your life? What’s holding you back?
Sponsored by One Million Acts of Green brought to you by Cisco..

  • Use less plastic.  I hate cooking and I work late so as a result, I order a lot of take out.   Good news is that many of the restaurants in SF have replaces their plastic "to go" containers with recyclable ones.  I also say "no" to the plastic forks and spoons.
  • Take shorter showers.   I take really long showers. It's relaxing, I'm tired and it feels impossible to hurry up.  Not sure I'll be able to do anything about this one.
  • Travel less.  I know planes have a REALLY BIG carbon footprint and I take a lot of them.  I live apart from my family and many of my friends and I love to travel so again, tough one to conquer.

On a positive note, I do have a hybrid car, I bring my own coffee cup and water bottle to work (most of the time), I recycle whatever I can and I bring my own bags to the grocery store. 

Anyone got other ideas on what I could do to be green?  I am all ears!

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