Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

On Vox: A big step (sail) for me

So I forgot to mention when I posted my Mexico photos that I conquered a pretty big fear while I was in Mexico.  I went parasailing with Meredith!   Now I know for most of you this seems like no big deal.  But for those of you that know me well, you know I am a total wuss.  I am scared of going too fast, too high, too steep, etc.   Basically, I am a control freak and relying on anything or anyone is very difficult for me. 

So I am proudly posting pictures from my fabulous parasailing adventure. It was scarey and amazing all at the same time!  Thanks Meredith for sharing such a fun experience with me!

Pics 15022009 261Pics 15022009 235Pics 15022009 245Pics 15022009 243


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