Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

Top Ten Workaday Tips: 2/09

Remember my post a few weeks back when I introduced all of you to my other blog?  Well, I do a top ten list every month so I thought I'd go ahead and cross-post my top ten list on my Vox blog too.

  1. WORKADAY TIP #56:  Nail Care Tricks
  2. WORKADAY TIP #58:  Get More From Your Workout
  3. WORKADAY TIP #60:  Buy Convertible Clothes
  4. WORKADAY TIP #61:  Car Rental Savings 
  5. WORKADAY TIP #62:  Stick It In The Freezer  
  6. WORKADAY TIP #63:  Name Your Neutral
  7. WORKADAY TIP #64:  Keep Socks The Same
  8. WORKADAY TIP #71:  Pay Online = Make Money 
  9. WORKADAY TIP #73:  Clean As You Cook 
  10. WORKADAY TIP #78:  Systemize Your Closet  

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