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On Vox: I Heart Blogging

So most of your know that I work at Six Apart which is a blogging company so it's no surprise that I blog.  What I didn't expect when I started was that I'd come to really find it fulfilling and rather theraputic. 

I love blogging because:

  • I get to document and archive my life.  It's a digital scrapbook!
  • I get to share with loved ones what's happening in my life and what I am passionate about
  • I get to write creatively, which with a busy work schedule doesn't happen very often

I've gotten to love blogging so much that I actually decided to take a leap and start a new blog which I am now officially announcing to my Vox community!  It's a work in progress and somewhat of a test but it lets me blog about a topic that I think I know quite a bit about :)

So, if you are interested, check out my other blog too, Workaday Superstar it's a blog about doing more with less.  I post tips each day that are ways to save tme, money, the environement, and the like.   I also post ways to squeeze in exercise, shopping and so forth into a really busy schedule!

To get a taste of what I've been writing about you can check out a Top Ten List that I am doing at the end of every month which highlights what I deem to be the best 10 tips I've done for that month. 

It's kind of a silly thing but it let's me have my own little "blog business" so to speak plus it gets me using our other products at Six Apart (TypePad) in addition to Vox!

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