Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

On Vox: Home For Christmas - Part 4

Okay, this is my last in my 4 part Christmas series altho we did just get the camera I thought I lost last Christmas back from Matt's Aunt -(thanks Joanne!) and I am pretty sure I've got some hilarious videos on that (hint:  breakdancing) so I may have to do a 2007 Christmas series but I'll try to get you a break for a least a week :)

Here are a few photos from my nephew Ty's hockey game.  I got to go to two games while I was home - it was so much fun.  Ty is old enough now where they are actually playing real hockey with lines, penalties, positions - the whole bit!   The photo below is one of my favorites - my dad and my nephew Nick (middle child just like me!)


 Here is Ty actually playing hockey - he's number 11 right front and center!  I just have to say again, my nephews rock.

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