Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

On Vox: Home for Christmas - Part 3

So you are probably sick of hearing about my holiday but I've got more to share!   Here are some photos of my time with some of my closest friends in the whole world.  I got to spend lots of much needed quality time with them.  As usual, we spent New Year's Eve up at Matty's cabin cross-country skiing, dancing, playing games, eating too much and we had a few cocktails of course!

We also had a baby shower for my good friend Kara.  She and her husband didn't make it to the New Year's festivities for obvious reasons but they did have a little girl yesterday names Luciana Marais Scheid!  They have two reasons to be happy on 1/20/09!


We also went to an annual Christmas Party which was a little more low key this year but still a ton of fun.  I must be getting old cuz half of my friends are pregnant or just had babies so the champagne wasn't flowing quite as loosely!


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