Joy (joydtaylor) wrote,

What Do You Have To Say? - So Far...

How's that New Year's resolution going?
 So far, so good.  Here is my New Year's resolutions

The BIG one:
Don't let fear of rejection/failure limit my experiences/opportunities. 
I think I need to find a way to measure this one so I don't conveniently avoid it...

The year after year ones:
1. Talk Less, Listen More - ongoing challenge but I am really trying this time...
2. Lose 10lbs - on the right track.  I am always good about exercising and eating but I'll have to turn it up a notch this year to lose the weight.
3. Try Something New - still trying to decide what this is going to be.  I think I am going to try a new class.  Maybe a dance class or I've been looking at a Bar Method class that looks interesting and will be light on my knees...

Tags: hplife2, resolution progress, what do you have to say?, writer's block

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